Features and Benefits

Octopus Journals is tailored and built around your individual Early Years environment

A range of flexible features provide everything you require to assess, plan, observe, track, make reports, evaluate and reflect on teaching, plus set new objectives for continuous improvement.


Traditionally these individual records have been collected in scrapbooks or binders, building up into a treasured memoir that children can take with them when they leave for the next stages of their journey through life. The cost, in both time and money, of providing these journals has often caused great problems for managers and staff in early years settings. 

Making life simpler...

Octopus has been designed as an easy to use online learning journal, which will allow key workers, parents and early years professionals to create and manage observations and assessments. Users can follow and export the complete learning journeys for each and every child, including various progress reports, visual aids and much more. We have designed our system to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Key Stage 1 & 2 groups, with the sole purpose of making it simple and easy to use.

Each observation or page can include notes, photographs, videos and you can record the results of the assessments that you have made using the EYFS, government assessment frameworks.​ They can be enhanced by comments from other staff and parents, and each page appears in a visually pleasing and coherent way.


You can spend hours cross-referencing different sections of the EYFS Framework against a child's journal, so we have developed a number of intelligent reporting and analysis tools to speed this process up and prepare you for an Ofsted Inspection. ​With Octopus Journals, users have the ability to generate reports on individual children, groups of children or a as a cohort, to produce progress and attainment summaries and benchmark against national figures to see how the educational establishment is performing in early years education at the click of a button.


Information is compiled automatically based on the evidence gathered in the observations and assessments carried out by Key Workers. 

Missing assessments and inaccurate reporting? 

Often we find organisations may be missing assessments, and using a paper-based system, then have to flick through all their paperwork to discover which is missing. With Octopus, the advanced features ensure that all missing assessments are highlighted and notified to the user, saving masses of time trawling through paperwork and ensuring an accurate report of results.

Through the use of various tables, charts and grids users can view the progress of each and every child, enabling key workers to report results in an effortless and aesthetically easy manner... perfect for the greatly anticipated, Ofsted Inspection.


We help you to find a better way of involving and engaging parents around their child’s early years education in order to give the child the support they deserve both in the classroom and at home.

No one knows a child better than their parents, which is why developing a strong link between home and school is key to EYFS learning. Using a paper-based system, it’s very difficult to encourage and actively support parents when it comes to interacting with their children’s learning. Ofsted encourage schools to develop stronger partnerships with parents, but EYFS practitioners’ time is precious and parents’ evenings simply aren’t enough to provide transparency and build confidence around EYFS learning journeys. 

With our individual portal, parents can view the progress of their child's development through the entire early years foundation stage. With this knowledge, communication between the educational organisation is much more efficient. By making Octopus Journals accessible, it is changing the way Key Workers and parents interact around early years education for the better.

Its time to make the change...​

Take a quick peak at the additional features and benefits Octopus Journals can bring to you and your team...

The extra bits...

By reducing time completing general day-to-day admin tasks, Key Workers can spend more time doing what they do best...Teach!

The easy to use form-based observation input allows Key Workers to quickly & easily write up observations and include imagery.

All connections are secured over SSL. Strong encryption is used on passwords & personally identifiable information and photos of children.

Time Saving & Cost Effective
Assessments and Observations
Highly Secure and Encrypted
Multiple Reporting Tools

You can view the progress of each & every child at any stage during the term. Charts, graphs and grids help display this effectively.

Missing Assessments

Have you ever missed an assessment and spent hours looking through the books to find it? Problem solved in an instant.

EYFS Government Guidelines

The entire EYFS program is built alongside the Government Guidelines so all Observations & Assessments are always in date.

Attendance Records

You can mark each child's attendance and log the days in which they have holiday booked or scheduled days off. You can monitor the percentage of attendance throughout

Rota Templates

You can set templates for Morning, Afternoon and All Day sessions and assign each child to the template. This allows you to monitor attendance against scheduled days.

SEN Alerts

If a child is under SEN (Special Educational Needs), a red alert shows on their profile to flag attention to those children, which in turn will ensure you support them further.

VPS Hosted Server

With a virtual private server hosted by us, you will not have to update software or spend time installing different versions.

Medical & Dietary Notes

All medical and dietary information for each child will be added to their individual profile and highlighted in red so the organisation is aware.

Starting Points

If you have mid-term starters or are introducing an online journal mid way through term, you can set each child's current level with starting points.

EYFS Audit

Organisations have the ability to review various areas of the EYFS curriculum when producing Ofsted reports throughout inspection.

Simple Invoicing

Create and send all your parent invoices for all appropriate fee's relating to their children.

Parental Communication

Parental communication is vital. With an access portal for parents to view their child's progress at any stage, communication is improved.

Journal for Parents

A unique assessment journal for each and every parent to view how their child is progressing with their learning journey timeline.

Next Steps

Add targeted assessments to next steps, helping to further focus the child's progress in specific areas per next step.

Media Manager

The simple Drag-and-Drop feature within the media manager allows you to drop in any type of file for you to utilise within the system.


We are proud that our system is fully customisable. Not all organisations are the same, therefore no system is the same.

Two Year Progress Check

Simple to use form to enables you to complete the progress check for each and every child, with alerts and reminders throughout.

Final Learning Journal

A final learning journey can be printed & saved digitally, including all assessments, observations & learning development from each child.

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