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One of the biggest risks to Online Security is YOU!

In the last 10 years the face of technology has changed dramatically, especially within the education sector. More and more organisations now rely heavily on networked systems and the Internet to conduct day-to-day activities. In just a few years, we have turned into a wired world, with information of any type accessible from just about anywhere, by anyone. It is always a concern when using an online application, the security of our data. Whether that be photographs of our children at Nursery, personal contact information or even their medical notes.

Internet security can be defined as the protection of data from theft, loss or unauthorised access, use or modification. With the constantly evolving nature of the Internet, it is vital that users continuously protect themselves and their information.

As Octopus Journals is an Internet based application, we have put specific security measures in place to ensure the protection of your data.SSL connections to our software from the users is forced, unprotected connections are not allowed to access our system via the users browser.Multiple intrusion detection systems are built in to the software's core.User Access Control (UAC) is enforced meaning users can only access and change what they are allowed to.Multiple systems are built in to the core software preventing various type of attacks on web systems, for example XSS vulnerabilities.Weak passwords are not allowed to be used in the software and are checked upon creation and updating.All sensitive information including all uploaded photos and videos are encrypted to industry standards, even the observation content and parents comments are protected this way.An internal audit log is built in tracking all users and changes to the system.Login sessions are tracked and after a period of inactivity the user is automatically logged out, just like when logging in to your bank account.Firewalls are in place at the application, OS and hardware levelsThe servers have installed multiple antivirus, malware and intrusions detection systems with scans being run regularly and reports being sent to us.All our software, OS and servers are updated regularly with programs monitoring this and emailing us if issues are found, these are acted upon straight away.We monitor the discovery of new vulnerabilities and patch them as soon as is practicably possible.

Although we have put these various protocols in place, one of the biggest security concerns that a small business may face today is a lack of information about the threats that exist on the Internet. Many users don't understand that in fact, they are the vulnerability and need to take more care when accessing systems that store sensitive information. This doesn’t mean that people don’t care, or aren’t concerned, but in today’s world of doing business at light-speed, managers do not have the time or resources to stay on top of the latest developments in information security.

In light of #SaferInternetDay, here are a few key things that you can do to protect yourself and your data: Knowledge is a key component in addressing this problem. Knowing what the risks are, how your business is vulnerable and how attacks could potentially affect your business is paramount in maintaining security.

Avoid using the common passwords like “12345” and “password”. Surprisingly, these still remain go-to picks for many - and hackers everywhere thank you. Especially when you reuse them for multiple logins! Think your weak password isn't putting you at risk of a damaging data breach? Well...

Do not leave your device open or unattended before logging out. Various people may enter into the organisation and if your device is left open for everyone to see, what is stopping them from looking?

You don’t have to be a security expert to recognise the damage that you could incur should your organisation fall victim to the efforts of a malicious attacker. Therefore it is vital that not only the application has security measures in place, but that you are working as efficiently and safely as possible too.

It's never too late to take action. And, really, even taking just a few basic steps to improve your data security management practices can lead to increased safety of your online system. To find out more about Safer Internet Day, take a look on www.saferinternetday.org.uk

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